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When it comes to feeling comfortable and relaxed at the dentist, there are many tips we offer. Here are the top relaxation tips, to ensure your next visit with us will be one of comfort and ease.

– The most important step is to keep your dentist informed. If he doesn’t know you are uncomfortable, you may suffer needlessly. Tell Dr. Jody W. Adams if you have any fears and why you have them. Once the dental team is aware, they can help you.
– Due to advances in dental technology, there are methods, tools, and equipment to help our patients feel comfortable. They can include relaxing music, TVs, aromatherapy, sedation, and more. Inquire within to learn about our amenities to help you feel relaxed and comfortable during your visit.
– Getting educated as to what will be happening at Smile 2 Heart Dental, will help you feel more at ease. The old saying, “Knowledge is power,” is true. The more you know and understand the procedures, the more in control you will feel.
– Visit our office before your appointment to get acquainted with the dentist and team. You can then ask questions and let the dentist know of your concerns. This will help build trust, knowing you are getting the best dental care with our dentist in Brigham City, Utah, available.
– Talk to the dentist about medication. Sometimes, sedation may be exactly what you need, so you can relax and allow the dental team to restore your smile and help you feel good about regular maintenance and any further work that needs to be done.

These tips will give you a good start, and consulting with our dental team at Smile 2 Heart Dental will also help us, help you. Contact us for more information at 435.723.6120 today!