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Dental crowns come in multiple different materials, one of the more popular being gold. Because gold is a malleable substance practically invulnerable to decay, it makes a great dental substance for replacing pearly whites. However, golden teeth have held different appeals throughout the years, and their suitability to replacing natural pearly whites is only one of the reasons they’ve been popular.

The practice of applying gold in dentistry can be traced to 2000 B.C. in Asia, where modifying teeth was considered attractive. Later, in the 16th-century Philippines, colonizing Spaniards found the locals modified their chompers with gold; the Spaniards did not like this. At least in Asia, if not also in the Philippines, golden chompers were an indicator of social status among the elite.

In the United States, golden teeth have also played a part as status-signifiers. Early American boxer Jack Johnson wore golden crowns to signal his accomplishment, and more recently, Mike Tyson (who idolized Johnson) wore golden tooth caps. Professional musicians such as Ludacris, Beyonce, and Madonna have also worn golden and metal chompers as a fashion, in the form of “grillz.” Gold teeth are still worn as a status symbol in many countries of the world.

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