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You may be experiencing bad breath from another issue and not from the lunch you just ate. If your odorous breath is continuous, consider some of the causes. Smile 2 Heart Dental is here to assist you with your bad breath and find the cause as well as the treatment. Some causes may include:

– A number of foods resulting in bad breath, with leftover chunks left in your teeth causing even more odor.

– Bacteria can grow in your mouth from leftover food. The longer food is left in your mouth, the more bacteria grows.

– If any mouth infections such as gum disease (caused by residual plaque) have been ruled out by your dentist, your bad breath may in consequence of a more serious issue. Be sure to see your doctor for another possibility.

– Smoking affects your ability to smell, and tobacco users tend to suffer from gum disease. Both can affect your taste and hamper your senses. Both put you at a higher risk for problems related to your health as well as bad breath.

– Dry mouth is when your mouth is not getting enough saliva, which is always working to provide your mouth with enough moisture. Some causes for dry mouth include possible problems with salivary glands, mouth breathing, or particular medications.

Keeping yourself from getting or getting rid of bad breath include solutions like:

– Quitting smoking or tobacco, which will not only help your health but the health of your mouth as well.

– Scheduling biannual dental appointments so your dentist can look for any signs of problems like gum disease or dry mouth. This is necessary so problems won’t result in further issues.

– Chewing gum or candies (free of sugar) and healthy foods (such as apples or carrots that are chewy) to increase saliva flow.

– Cleaning your dentures thoroughly to remove any food particles or bacteria.

– Brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing at least once a day. Also use mouthwash, but do not use it as a substitute. Make sure to also take care of the tongue with your tooth scraper or toothbrush.

Here at Smile 2 Heart Dental, we will be happy to assist you with any dental issues you have to give you a better smile. Give us a call at 435.723.6120 here in Brigham City, Utah, to schedule a consultation or appointment today. We will be happy to discuss what answer is best for you.