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Stained tooth enamel can be unsightly. As time goes by, the stains can worsen and even impact your sense of self-confidence. To remedy a problem of this magnitude, Dr. Jody W. Adams can administer a professional dental bleaching treatment at Smile 2 Heart Dental.

After the luster of your smile has been fully restored, you will need to take measures to prevent future staining problems. Simple things like cutting back on dark foods and drinks and avoiding tobacco use will be especially helpful. Should minor surface stains redevelop, you can try to remove them by brushing your teeth with whitening toothpaste.

This can help you maintain your smile between the dental cleaning and polishing during your regular dental checkups with Dr. Jody W. Adams. Just keep in mind that the concentration of whitening agents in whitening toothpaste simply aren’t potent enough to brighten moderate to deeply stained teeth.

While shopping for whitening toothpaste, you should look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. The seal represents that the toothpaste’s active ingredients have been researched and tested for safe use.

If you live in the Brigham City, Utah, area and you need help improving the appearance of your smile, you should call 435.723.6120 to schedule a whitening consultation at Smile 2 Heart Dental.