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When poor oral hygiene habits allow tooth decay to form on one of your teeth, it can cause a host of complications. If the tooth is visible in your smile, your dentist, Dr. Jody W. Adams, might recommend a composite dental filling in Brigham City, Utah. The resin material can be shaded to blend in with the surrounding tooth enamel.

Dr. Jody W. Adams will start the process by examining the tooth and taking a few X-rays. This helps determine the extent of the decay and it might also influence the material he recommends for the filling. Then, he will numb the area with Novocain.

Once the sedative has fully taken effect, Dr. Jody W. Adams will use a drill to remove all of the decayed tooth enamel. Then, he will apply the pre-shaped composite resin to the clean enamel surface. A special ultraviolet light will then be used to harden and cure the filling.

Proper oral hygiene will help increase the filling’s longevity. Brushing your teeth twice each day and flossing each evening will help reduce the bacterial presence in your mouth, limiting their ability to affect the healthy tooth enamel or cause a new cavity.

If you suspect that a cavity has formed on one of your teeth, you should call Smile 2 Heart Dental at 435.723.6120 to seek timely treatment and repair.