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When was the last time your smile was examined by the dentist? If you are thinking an office visit is overdue, you are not alone. Many people find themselves busy this time of year, resulting in an increase of cavities. However, that is why our team here at Smile 2 Heart Dental is happy to talk to you about the importance of finding cavities and correcting them with composite fillings.

Cavities can damage your smile in many ways. They can destroy a tooth, and cause harmful conditions like gum disease. Finding cavities early is vital in protecting the health of your teeth and smile by restoring them with composite fillings. What are composite fillings you ask? Here is a list of information and facts on composite fillings:

– Due to the materials used in crafting composite fillings, they can be colored to match your natural tooth color.
– If your original composite filling needs to be repaired, it can now be done without the need to remove the original filling.
– Composite fillings do not contain any mercury.
– Composite fillings can last up to a decade.
– In some cases, cavities are too small for traditional amalgam fillings to work. Composite fillings can now be used to fill those cavities.

If you have a cavity that needs to be filled, Smile 2 Heart Dental can offer you the very best of composite fillings. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Jody W. Adams, contact us at 435.723.6120, or you can set up an appointment at our office in Brigham City, Utah. Our professional team has experience in treating cavities and restoring positive oral health. We are happy to help you too!