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Dental fillings protect your teeth after decay or injury, but fillings themselves aren’t invincible. When you first receive a filling, it’s important to follow proper care procedure to protect it during the recovery process. To help you preserve your filling, our team at Smile 2 Heart Dental suggests the following steps:

– Know how long the filling takes to set: amalgam and composite fillings can take 24 hours or longer to set, and are especially vulnerable within that time frame.

– Chew carefully: Chew on the other side until the anesthesia wears off to avoid biting your tongue or lip. Children should be observed carefully while their mouths are numb because they may chew on their tongue or the inside of their cheeks. Composite fillings can be chewed on as soon as the anesthesia wears off.

– Monitor tooth sensitivity: Your tooth (or teeth) may be sensitive after the procedure. Avoid hot or cold food during this time. If the sensitivity doesn’t fade over the next couple weeks, or grows worse, contact your dentist.

– Check for high points: After the anesthesia fades, if your filling feels like it’s hitting first when you bite down, contact your dentist. The filling may need to be further adjusted to your bite. Biting down too hard on a dental filling can cause it to crack.

– Keep your teeth clean: The best way to care for your new filling is to prevent further tooth decay. Brushing and flossing daily will prevent plaque buildup and keep the enamel strong, reducing the need for future dental fillings.

If you’re in need of a dental filling in Brigham City, Utah, contact us at 435.723.6120. Dr. Jody W. Adams offers both composite and amalgam fillings to give your damaged tooth the protection it needs. We look forward to helping you maintain your smile!