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If you recently made the decision to spring for a teeth whitening treatment, you are not alone. Many people each day decide to use teeth whitening systems to give their smile an extra shine. However, if you use an over-the-counter whitening system, you can suffer from many side effects. So, it is always best to talk to your dentist about your specific goals before choosing and using a whitening treatment.

Teeth whitening treatments are great if you feel the need for an extra boost. Whitening your teeth can improve the appearance of your smile. However, some side effects can include an increase in sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, gum tissue irritation, and, in some cases, nausea and vomiting. If you would like a whitening treatment that does not provide these side effects, our office is thrilled to offer an in-office whitening treatment that will give you the smile you have always wanted.

Your dentist will know the best and safest teeth whitening treatment for you and your smile. Talk to your dentist about the questions or concerns you have about teeth whitening. Here at Smile 2 Heart Dental, we strive to give you a confident smile. So, call us today and schedule an appointment. Don’t settle for over-the-counter methods that could lead to problems in the future. Talk to your dentist today about his methods and how they can change your smile. Let us help your smile glow safely and healthy.