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If you want your child to grow into the best smile possible, it is extremely important to do the following things:

1. Bring your child in for their checkup: You should bring your child into our office for their first checkup by the time their first birthday arrives or 6 months after their first tooth has erupted. Doing so will help your child become associated with the dentist, dental team, and dental office, and it will help them feel more comfortable in the dental chair in the future. This appointment will be easy, simple, and pain free.

2. Teach your child good oral hygiene habits: Teach your child how to brush their teeth twice a day, floss their smile at least once a day, and rinse their mouth with child-approved mouthwash daily. This will help them grow into the strong and functional smile they deserve.

3. Avoid Baby Bottle Tooth Decay: You can avoid this condition by putting your child down for a nap with a bottle of water instead of a bottle of juice, milk, or formula. When your child goes to sleep with a bottle full of sugary liquid, the sugar clings to their teeth and gives the bacteria the ammo it needs to create tooth decay. However, sugary drinks are OK in moderation—just keep an eye on how much your child consumes throughout the day.

4. Control the use of the sippy cup: Sippy cups are very helpful, but they can also cause trouble if they are used too often, especially if they are filled with sugary liquids. The sippy cup and sugary liquids can easily create tooth decay behind your child’s front teeth.

These four steps are very important if you want your child to have a strong, healthy, functional, and beautiful smile. If you have any questions about these four suggestions, we invite you to call our office today and talk to a member of our team. We care about you, your child, and your smiles, and we look forward to telling you all we know about oral care and pediatric dentistry!