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Brushing might be an inconvenient and tedious task for kids, but we are here to make it a fun and enjoyable experience from now on! We recommend trying the following things to make brushing an amusing task rather than a dreaded one:

Hum a tune: Have your child hum a two-minute tune that they know and love while they brush. If they do this, they will not only have fun, but they will also brush their teeth for the correct amount of time. While they hum, encourage them to move their lips, tongue, and jaw. That way, they will get different angles of their mouth while they brush. So, have fun with this! Hum along and be a two-man, or woman, band while you clean your teeth!

Create a bubble machine: Convince your child that they are a bubble machine. The more they scrub, the more bubbles they will make! It’s fun for kids when their mouth is full of bubbles, and it is also an effective cleaning technique.

Make it a family activity: Get the whole family into the bathroom to brush their teeth, even the family dog! After everyone brushes their teeth for 30 seconds or so, switch and brush each other’s teeth. You can also brush your dog’s teeth! Just make sure to use a separate brush and wash your hands afterward.

Play music: Get a cheap stereo and put it on the bathroom counter. While your child brushes, play a two-minute song that they love! Then, let them dance, sing, and brush their teeth until the song is over.

Use an hourglass timer: Many children are fascinated by hourglass timers. If you use an hourglass rather than a digital timer, your child will enjoy brushing their teeth while they watch the sand drop from the top of the glass to the bottom.

Call our office today to learn about more tips and tricks to making brushing fun and enjoyable! We look forward to talking with you.