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There are many important steps involved in achieving a strong, pristine, and successful oral health, and participating in a daily oral hygiene routine is one of them. Along with attending regular dental checkups every six months, your dentist strongly recommends doing the following things each day:

Brush your teeth: If you brush your teeth every morning and every night, you are on the right track to success. By brushing your teeth for two minutes each time, all of the food, sugar, and access particles will be washed away, keeping your teeth free from bacteria, decay, and infection. It is smart to spend an equal amount of time brushing each quadrant of your mouth, which is usually about 30 seconds each. Make sure to thoroughly clean each tooth, and if it is possible, use fluoride toothpaste.

Floss your teeth: Flossing your teeth once a day will keep your oral cavity healthy and strong. When flossing, use about 45 cm of floss and wrap the two ends around your pointer fingers. Then, gently push the floss between each tooth, freeing any food particles that may be stuck. Do your best to clean each tooth, even your back teeth, and make sure to use a clean section of floss as you move on to each tooth.

Use mouthwash: After you floss and brush your teeth, use a beneficial mouthwash to nourish and strengthen your oral cavity. Fluoride or bacteria-fighting mouthwash is extremely helpful. Take a small sip of the mouthwash and swish it around inside your mouth for about 30-40 seconds. When the time is up, spit the liquid into the sink.

To learn more about a dental hygiene routine that will benefit you the most, call our office today and schedule an appointment with our dentist! We are happy to help you have the best oral health possible.